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"Let us not only help you capture those fabulous memories but also preserve them onto DVD media for you.

This not only ensures that your Photographs last longer but we can also make professional created DVD movies with music and effects so that you will WANT to show your friends and family."

Photos to DVD Movie

  • We can put your photos onto disc for you.
  • We can create a DVD movie with transformations, effects, music and titles.
  • We can also provide the movie in .avi, .mpg or .mp4 format also.

VHS Video to DVD

Do you have shelves full of home movies on VHS? - Or a collection of your favourite movies or music concerts?
Video tapes will deteriorate over time with repeated play and eventually they will become unwatchable and ruined.
Can't get those movies on DVD?
We can easily transfer your videotapes to DVD, enabling you to preserve the quality forever, before it's too late, at an affordable price.
Prices start from just £10 per tape

Preserve your old Home Videos to DVD

We all have home movies that are still on the original Camcorder tapes.
  • We can help remove unwanted footage or blank sections
  • We can add chapter points (e.g. where the scene changes)
  • Have multiple tapes per DVD using compression techniques
  • Creation of personalised DVD and Cover Art (extra charges apply)

Audio Cassette Tape to MP3/CD

Most people have old Cassette \ Mix tapes laying around the house?
  • They might be tapes given to you as a gift
  • They might contain old talk tapes
  • Even precious conversations with family or loved ones
  • Don't lose these, as the quality of cassette tapes often reduce or wear
  • CD's will not wear, warp or crack
  • Most of your old classics aren't available in shops anymore or are rare and hard to find
We can also reduce the background noise. Most noise (crackle, hiss, noise caused by warping, bad chips, damaged tape etc) can be removed

Basic filtering is included however extra work may be needed at £25 per hour

Photo Manipulation / Correction

We offer an alteration \ Manipulation service which allows us to:
  • Remove / Add people into a photo
  • Create Family Montages
  • Bring to life older picture
Someone didn't make it for the family picture or gathering?
Take a picture of the missing person now and we will add it to the family group

Prices start from £25 per hour

DVD / CD Duplication

Do you need copies or Back-up's of your existing CD\DVD's?
Or do you need copies for distribution?
  • We will do any quantity, from 1-500
  • Option to have disks printed onto
  • Quick turn around
Discounts available for 20+ Copies

Prices from £2.00 per disc